The Big Boy Story

In 1936, Bob Wian sold his car for $300 and bought a ten-stool lunch stand called "The Pantry." He then changed the name to "Bob's Pantry."

The Big Boy Story

One late night, a regular customer asked for something "different." Bob split the bun twice through the middle, creating a middle bun, added two burger patties and the rest is history. The "Double-Deck Hamburger" was invented.

But the name came from a chubby 6-year-old doing odd jobs at the time by the name of Richard Woodruff. One day Bob forgot his name and called out "Hey, Big Boy." Something clicked and a name was born: Bob's Big Boy®

  • Bob Wian

    Founder Bob Wian posing in front of Burbank's Big Boy®

  • Richard Woodruff

    Richard Woodruff, inspiration for the name "Big Boy®"

"Everybody said, '(Bob Wian) you're nuts... leaving a good job to open a greasy spoon.'"Bob Wian on Buying The Pantry