Classic Car Show

Every Friday from 4-10pm, Bob’s Big Boy® Burbank hosts Southern California’s best Classic Car Show.

Hot Rod at Bob's Big Boy

In the early afternoon, a buzzy retro scene begins to unfold as car enthusiasts cruise in looking for prime spots where the tower sign’s red neon might reflect off their freshly polished hoods.

People say, “It’s American Grafitti come to life.” Big-block Chevy’s. Hot-rod Lincolns. Leave the Hybrid at home. Happy days are here again thanks to Bob’s Big Boy® and the Road Kings of Burbank.

Weekly cars shows are a slice of Americana, but no place does them quite like Bob’s Big Boy®, where the food is hot and the cars are hotter.

You’ll never know who or what you’re going to see. Brian Wilson, the genius behind the Beach Boys, showed up to take in the little deuce coupes he used to sing about. And Jay Leno, well he’s more than just a regular.

Come see why we've become the center of the car-crazed universe.

    • Bob's Big Boy Aerial View
    • An overhead view of the parking lot scene at Bob’s Big Boy®
    • Jay Leno at Bob's Big Boy
    • Jay Leno seen with just one of his approximately 286 vehicles.

“When declared a historical landmark, we wanted to bring the historical '50s style back. We agreed it wouldn't be complete without the revival of classic cars in the parking lot.”Mike Lopez GM of Burbank Bob's Big Boy®