California #P779

In 1992, the Burbank Bob's Big Boy® received the designation as a "Point of Historical Interest" by the state of California.

Bob's Big Boy

The building, the oldest Bob’s® still in existence, is considered an excellent transitional example of 1940s Streamline Moderne architectural style melding toward the 1950s "coffee shop modern" endemic in Los Angeles.

Of Wayne McAllister, Alan Hess stated, “Los Angeles and Las Vegas would have been far drearier places without the architect’s work.” McAllister also built the Las Vegas Sands (home to Sinatra’s Rat Pack).

    • Bob's Tower Sign
    • The 70-foot Bob's® tower sign and restaurant
    • Roof Line
    • The sweeping roof line and windows of Bob's Big Boy®

"It's a very significant piece of Los Angeles' cultural and architectural history. The building is one of the few surviving examples of its style: California coffee shop modern."Peter Moruzzi of the LA Conservancy