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<h3>Open 24 Hours</h3>

<p><strong>UPDATED HOURS:</strong>&nbsp;We are open for Indooor Dining, Patio Dining, and Car Hop
from&nbsp;<strong>6am to 12pm</strong>&nbsp;every day. Open until <strong>3am</strong> on Friday and

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alt="Bob's Big Boy" /></p>

<p>With a kitchen open 24/7, we make a commitment to the community and to quality that separates us from
other diner locations. Our burgers are fresh and &ldquo;never frozen.&rdquo; Housemade sauces are
prepared daily. Our turkeys are oven-roasted on site. And thick milkshakes are made from real ice cream.

<p>We prefer our clientele to dine in. Take-out is of course available. We do not deliver. However, 3rd
party services like <strong>Postmates</strong> or <strong>Doordash</strong> are available.</p>


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<h3>Menus and Delivery</h3>

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<li><a href="../menus/breakfast.html">Breakfast</a></li>
<li><a href="../menus/lunch.html">Lunch and Dinner</a></li>
<li><a href="open-24-hours.html" target="_blank">Order Online</a></li>

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<li>Our neon glows bright 24/7 for whenever you need a hot meal</li>

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alt="Pancakes 24/7" />
<li>We've been offering breakfast anytime for 70 years</li>

<p class="pullquote"><cite>"We serve breakfast anytime you want it. If you&rsquo;re in the mood for breakfast &mdash;
morning, noon, or night, just ask your server.&rdquo;</cite><strong>Mike Lopez</strong> GM of Burbank
Bob&rsquo;s Big Boy&reg;</p>